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26 is not a traditional venture capital firm, but rather a tech lab for deep learning start ups. We are working with many generative models to build advanced cognitive systems where computers can learn and perform intelligently, and do certain tasks side by side with humans.

We initiated five AI start-ups in 2016, and a sixth start-up in 2017. The first goal of 26 is to bring the current startups to production, and make them available to their audience.

Why we name 26 ?

In science number 26 is the atomic number of iron. In mathematics number 26 is the only integer that is one greater than a square and one less than a cube.

How 26 get started ?

26 was started with 8 years of research experience in machine learning, allowing us to innovate in this space

Current Research Area

Our current research are in natural language understanding, computer vision and time series. We are spending 100% of our time in deep neural networks and reinforcement learning


26 is envisioning and positioning to innovate in Artificial Intelligence. We are going to invest in, and give strategy and technology guidance to early stage AI start-ups. We will help build and participate in a safer AI ecosystem.


Ananth Raj

Founding Partner

machine intelligence projects

We are excited to explore machine intelligence projects in any domains. Interested to hear from academic researchers and technical entrepreneurs about their innovative ideas around the globe!

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We are expermenting with many generative models to build advanced cognitive systems.
We are connecting with machine learning researchers/post grad around the globe.

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